For well over a decade, Shamontiel’s grandfather kept trying to convince her to buy a home. Shamontiel wasn’t sure where she wanted her permanent home to be and opted out, renting continuously and living in three states. However, co-writing a real estate blog for a law firm made her start paying attention to property owners.

After that yearlong project, she dated a former basketball player and learned about disposable income from becoming a landlord. A year later, she invested in real estate crowdfunding and then bought a condominium. Without much property management experience, she was nominated to be the 2020–21 condo association president and the 2021–22 condo board treasurer and dove in, one of the best decisions she’s ever made.

“Homegrown Tales” (formerly “Homegrown” on Medium) is a place for homeowners, condo owners, homeowners associations, condo board associations and contractors to chat in her monthly posts.

To find out more about her, visit Shamontiel.com.

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